Cast List

Below are the cast lists for our Summer Production of Camp Rock.

Each cast will have a minimum of 4 shows each (dates/times TBA)

The Star Campers will perform in all shows.

All cast members will be featured throughout as this is truly an ensemble show.

Please make sure to email to accept your role.



MITCHIE: Kylie Francis

SHANE: Aaron Braden

JASON: Jack Nissen

NATE: Will Nissen

TESS: Ashley Brooke

CAITLYN: Natalie Pereira

PEGGY: Olivia Escousse
ELLA: Nicole Lam

ROSIE: Alivia Clark

BARRON: Wasif Sami

SANDER: Dexter Kennedy

ANDY: Bobby Becht

LUKE: Jacob Feeney

DANA: Veronica Gonzalez

GEORGINA: Bri Litchholt


Danielle Becht      

Lindsey Cornelison

       Eila Francis

       Bri Litchholt

         Toleeya Napolitiano

       Kate Petrella

       Rebecca Schier

     Liana Tizzio

       Julia Turner

         Aviva Winick


(performing in ALL shows)

Jessica Feit

Alexandra Lima

Molly Lindstrom

Paola Navarro

Sydney Schenker

Billie Todd

Charlotte Wesson


Lindsey Cornelison and Liana Tizzio


We were truly impressed by the talent that came out for this production!  Casting is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, finding the right mix of performers is a challenge. We were looking for a variety of ages, sizes and experience levels. We also looked at conflicts since we have a limited time to put together this show. So if you were not cast in this show, it could have been for any number of reasons.  We encourage you to pursue other theatre opportunities and continue your training. We also may notify you if someone is unable to accept their position in the cast.


    A special note to performers ages 5-13.  We had such a good time during the auditions for this show and really would like the chance to work with you.  We have created the summer workshops for this purpose-to give more kids the opportunity to be part of Pixie Dust Players and to get a chance to perform on our beautiful stage. Regular registration will begin on May 15 and we would love to see you there this summer!


Thank you for auditioning and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


It is so difficult to turn down kids we have worked with and grown to love in the past. However, we have to give new kids an opportunity to become a part of our Pixie Dust family. Please know how much we have enjoyed working with you, and that we look forward to working with you again in the future! 


MITCHIE: Darby Ryden

SHANE: Max Kasler

JASON: Ryan Healy

NATE: Arthur Wawrzyniak

TESS: Alexandra Salort

CAITLYN: Olivia Cappello

PEGGY: Nikki Segulin
ELLA:  Vienna Holmes

ROSIE: Anna Jeffries

BARRON: Bill Wagstaff

SANDER: Jeremiah Hall

ANDY: Stephen Sayegh

LUKE: Marlon Matute Jr.

DANA: Sarah Rappaport

GEORGINA: Melissa Ryden


       Elizabeth Bigham

       Karenna Breslow

     Sydney Chan

      Claire Drahzal

       Abby Jeffries

      Emma Price

      Priya Roychowdhury

     Melissa Ryden

      Isabella Wawrzyniak

      Sofia Wawrzyniak